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Mobile apps for all types of business, company, product or service.

A company or business cannot afford not to have a presence in the mobile world. As years ago it was considered essential to have a website, now it is essential to have an app. Integrate news, videos, audio conferences, photos, event calendars, live streaming, social media and much more.

What includes

Generate an audio and / or video library, publish your live broadcast, publish your business map with Waze and Google Maps. Create a registration area for your events, connect your services such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Wordpress. All this and much, but much more!


Send push messages instantly.

Stay in touch with your customers regardless of the type of phone they have.

Imagine that you have to notify about the change of a meeting time, or the launch of a new dish in your restaurant, you just have to enter the management system of your app and send a push notification and this will be delivered to them all at the moment those who have downloaded your app. Regardless if it is iPhone ** or Android.

Send up to * 500,000 push messages per month. You can send them with our Geo Fence system that will allow you to select the geographical areas where you want to send the messages.


Upload video / photos

You can request that your users send videos, photos or even texts. They will not be published until you authorize them.



Publish conferences, music directly to the app or add content from services such as Soundcloud.


Live video

If you make live broadcasts of your meetings you can add the live signal within your own app.


Live Chat

Create a live chat community or use it to give real-time support and help to your users.


Closed groups

Create restricted sections for certain users. You can control who accesses and who can see within the app.


Events calendar

Publish directly in the app or add your Google Calendar account, so your public will be aware of everything.


Upload video / photos

Create a video area from the CMS of our platform or add them from YouTube, Vimeo and many more.


Online payments

If your church, business or company receives donations electronically, you can add your online payment system within your app.


Live radio

Do you have a radio station? integrate it into your app and your listeners can enjoy your programs wherever they go.



It is difficult to explain to people how to get to the location of your business or church. Integrate Google maps or create a Waze button so that they arrive easily.


Photo gallery

Publish a memory of your congresses and special events. Photos can be downloaded to your users' devices.



Create a preaching or Bible study outline area for your congregation to refer to.


We publish your app on the App Store ** and Google Play

Just focus on creating your app and its contents and we will ensure that your app is published in each store.

We develop the app
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